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Only 5 minutes from Alicante airport.

No waiting, delivery and collection

From only € 295 per year!


Choose from a wide variety of cars in all sizes.


Transport of vehicles from Germany to Spain and vice versa.


Repairs and maintenance. Oil changes, filters , pneumatic…

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  • Free airport transfers.
  • Maximum security for your vehicle.
  • Check battery and tires.
  • Changes or cancellations without extra charge.​
  • Easy payment by credit card or cash.​


  • VAT included

Frequently asked questions

Our site is located in the town of Torrellano, in Alicante, next to the airport. If you want to find us, you can do so by entering here.

The chauffeur service, we offer our customers, so they come to the airport. We have a shuttlebus, with which we can safely transport them and their luggage.

  • In case of carrying bulky luggage, you must be ready two hours before your flight in our parking

  • In case of carrying only hand luggage, you must be  90 minutes before your flight in our Parking

There are times when they will catch a flight in the morning. On those occasions, the full stay of the parking service is normally paid. However, we understand your situation, so you will not be charged the full day.

Moecker’s Parking has a car rental service for your total comfort. You just have to fill out our rental form, and you will receive our response very soon.

Our prices include all taxes, taxes, insurance (all risk) without excess.